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According to foreign media reports, a small number of Netflix users recently confirmed that the streaming service company has begun a warning test-aimed at people who allegedly borrowed account login information from users other than their family members. Currently, the number of affected users appears to be relatively small. This warning will pop up and ask the user to verify that it is their account with a verification code.

However, most comments on the Internet have mentioned that the warning did not appear a second time when they clicked “Verify Later”. Nevertheless, this is still a factor worth considering, after all, it is a common practice to share the login of streaming services. In any case, this approach is not illegal, but it actually violates the terms of service of streaming media services.


In response to this situation, one of the world’s largest streaming media services may start to suppress, but to be honest, people may not be surprised by this, but this does show where the most likely market growth opportunities are. In the face of competition from countless streaming services, Netflix needs to pay more attention to user growth and require users who log in with other people’s accounts to register their own accounts. This is a way to improve its key indicators.


The most notable part of the entire test is that Netflix has long claimed that letting users borrow passwords is one of their most powerful marketing channels. Although it has never been officially confirmed, there are reports that Netflix has indicators showing that people who use other people’s Netflix accounts are most likely to register their own accounts. Recent efforts to encourage people to borrow passwords to register their own accounts may indicate internal changes in Netflix’s customer acquisition data, which shows a worrying trend for the company.

Interestingly, this test will continue to expand, or it will cause a strong backlash and lead to Netflix suspending their decision. As more and more people receive this warning, it is expected that discussions on social media will heat up.


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