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According to foreign media reports, among the CEOs of technology giants, Tesla CEO Musk is very active on social media. He often posts updates and often interacts with fans, such as Tesla and SpaceX. Many of the information about the company where he is the CEO is revealed on social media by him. On Thursday, local time, Musk revealed in an interaction with fans that Model Y’s output this year will be relatively limited and will be mass-produced next year.

This news revealed by Musk also means that Model Y’s output this year will not be very high, and consumer purchases may also be affected.


However, on social media, Musk did not disclose the specific production status of Model Y and the reasons for the limited production this year. Therefore, it is currently impossible to know whether the output he said is limited, compared with their plan, or compared with Tesla. Compared with other models under its banner, it is limited.


Model Y is a cross-border sports multi-purpose electric vehicle launched by Tesla in March 2019. It was delivered in the North American market in the first quarter of last year. Among the electric vehicles that Tesla has launched, Model Y is the fastest from launch to delivery. Yes, the Shanghai Super Factory also started producing Model Y at the end of last year.


Model Y is currently the second lowest starting price of Tesla’s electric car, second only to Model 3, and the number of pre-orders after its launch is also considerable. After the launch, although the output and delivery volume are not small compared with Model 3 However, it soon became Tesla’s second-largest electric vehicle delivered.


As the output of the Shanghai Super Factory continues to increase, the Berlin Super Factory and the Austin Super Factory under construction plan to start production this year, and the production capacity of Model Y will be significantly increased by then.


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