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China Unicom official micro-post stated that on May 1st, China Unicom officially released 5G services in Hong Kong, launching a total of 30 5G monthly fee packages in 3 categories, covering the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in an all-round way and realizing 5G data roaming sharing. China Unicom’s 22 business outlets in Hong Kong simultaneously launched a new “multiple, fast, beautiful, reward” theme 5G service, and introduced a series of preferential measures to benefit the people’s livelihood.

In terms of package selection, customers can flexibly match 30 tariff packages according to their needs.


In terms of roaming services, all packages are equipped with the Mainland and Hong Kong to share data. At the same time, all packages can be equipped with “Greater Bay Area Supreme One Card and Two Numbers” Mainland Supreme Numbers.


In terms of customer rights and interests, we will improve user experience by building a rights and interests aggregation ecosystem, and create a multi-scenario and all-round customer rights ecosystem in terms of catering and entertainment, travel and shopping, and smart home.

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