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WarnerMedia, a media business under the umbrella of US telecommunications giant AT & T, announced on the 19th that it will start a subscription-type video distribution service “CNN +” in the first quarter of 2022.

AT & T announced in May that it would separate WarnerMedia and integrate it with media giant Discovery.

The new service will be a separate service from cable channels CNN, CNN International, etc., and is targeted at people who are looking for news and high-quality documentary programs. Details of the charges have not been disclosed.

CNN President Jeff Zucker announced in February that he would retire later this year. It is unknown whether he will be involved in launching a new service without retiring. Zucker is a former colleague and friend of Discovery’s CEO, David Zaslav, who will lead the new company, Warner Bros. Pictures.

CNN + will provide 8-12 hours of live programming every day and content created for new services.

CNN competitors and Fox News are also considering subscription-type news services as new sources of income.

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