MAGRABi Retail Group Unveils Ambitious Expansion Plans with New Leadership Structure

MAGRABi Retail Group Unveils Ambitious Expansion Plans with New Leadership Structure

Middle East’s Leading Eyewear Retailer Takes Bold Step Forward

MAGRABi Retail Group, the premier eyewear retailer in the Middle East, has just announced its expansion plans with a newly formed leadership structure. The appointments took effect on January 1, 2023, and signal the start of an exciting new chapter for the company.

Amin Magrabi Steps Up as Chairman of the Board

Amin Magrabi, who served as Chief Executive Officer for 14 years, will now take on the role of Chairman of the Board. In this pivotal position, he will oversee the company’s strategic expansion goals in the Middle East and beyond with a new progressive Board of Directors setup.

Yasser Taher Becomes First Non-Family CEO

Yasser Taher, former Chief Operating Officer, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer, becoming the first non-family member to hold this position in the history of MAGRABi Retail Group. With his entrepreneurial spirit and disciplined approach to strategic implementation, Taher will drive the Group’s transformation into a world-class leader in its category.

Ahmed Ghobashi Focuses on Client-Centric Strategies

Ahmed Ghobashi, formerly Chief Financial Officer, takes over the role of Chief Operating Officer. He will focus on client-centric strategies, aiming to amplify the culture of luxury and excellence across omnichannel operations and elevate standards to compete on the international stage.

Cherine Magrabi Leads Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

Cherine Magrabi, formerly Vice President of Marketing, has become Chief Marketing Officer. With her entrepreneurial nature and profound understanding of the Middle Eastern client, she will lead the fusion of data and creativity and the development of innovative, homegrown omnichannel marketing strategies.

Sabine Volcic Fosters Agile Strategies

Sabine Volcic, previously Vice President of Buying and Merchandising, will now assume the role of Chief Merchandising Officer. She will foster agile strategies that adapt to the fast-evolving ambitions of clients and markets, as well as drive vertical integration and elevate the Group’s position on the global scene of luxury and fashion-forward eyewear.

Gender Equity Commitments Target 50:50 Balance by 2025

The new leadership structure mirrors the transformation within the company and is strategically aligned with the Group’s accelerated gender equity commitments. The goal is to achieve a 50:50 gender balance at all levels of the organization by 2025.

Leaders Comment on Organizational Changes

“Leading MAGRAbi as CEO over the last 14 years has been the greatest of privileges,” said Amin Magrabi. Yasser Taher added, “My vision is to consolidate our leading position across the Middle East and capitalize on the team’s exceptional skills to expand the Group further.”


In conclusion, MAGRABi Retail Group’s strategic expansion plans and new leadership structure mark the start of a new and exciting chapter. The company is poised to move forward with confidence and drive the eyewear industry in a bold new direction.