Ovzon’s Ovzon 3 Satellite Launch Rescheduled with SpaceX

Ovzon’s Ovzon 3 Satellite Launch Rescheduled with SpaceX

Production Delays Persist

Satellite manufacturer Maxar has informed Ovzon AB of further delays in the completion of the Ovzon 3 satellite. To adjust to the updated launch window, Ovzon has changed its launch provider to SpaceX, with a targeted liftoff on a Falcon 9 rocket between July and September 2023.

New Launch Opportunity Secured

Due to the delays in production, Ovzon sought a new launch opportunity with current provider Arianespace, but to no avail. Ovzon has now reached an agreement with SpaceX to secure the most favorable timing for the satellite’s launch when it is ready. The Ovzon 3 satellite will be launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, later this year.

Cost Impact and Business Continuity

The delay of the Ovzon 3 project is projected to increase costs by approximately USD 25 million. Despite this setback, Ovzon’s current business commitments will not be affected. The company has secured satellite capacity to maintain its service delivery and future sales. Furthermore, Ovzon has secured additional financing, as announced in a separate press release.

Confidence in Market Demand Remains Strong

Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon, expresses disappointment in the continued production delays but remains confident in the market demand for Ovzon 3. The satellite’s technology and capabilities are expected to revolutionize the delivery of Ovzon’s SATCOM-as-a-Service. Ovzon is collaborating closely with Maxar, SpaceX, and other stakeholders to finalize the satellite and launch it into orbit.

Webcast with Ovzon Leadership

Ovzon’s CEO Per Norén and CFO Noora Jayasekara will be answering questions during a webcast on February 6, 2023, at 10.00 am CET. The public is invited to attend and learn more about Ovzon’s plans for the Ovzon 3 satellite.